‘A seeker of silences am I” - Khalil Gibran


I am a husband, father, explorer and photographer. 

I married my wife Noshin in a barn in the Swedish countryside in 2016 and shortly after we welcomed to the world our little boy, Archer. 

Archer was born on the Gold Coast, Australia where we live in and old house with a giant mango tree in the back yard.

In between catching up on lost sleep and nappy changes, we show Archie the world. We go for drives in the rain, pet cats, walk in the rainforest and camp on the beach.

I have a degree in science and majored in ecology and botany. You may find me observing the intricacies of nature, or pondering our existence whilst knee deep in a creek fly fishing for bass.

I am a lover of nature, fly fishing and coffee.

I take documentary style photographs. I like my photographs to be real and raw. I capture the happy moments, the sad moments and the moments in between. All moments have their own beauty. 

I also build fly rods, collect old cameras, draw, hike, raft, tie flys, write fly fishing stories that I’m never game to publish and drink whisky whilst cooking.


Nice to meet you.